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Micro Instrument

Micro Instrument


Micro / Ophthalmic Instrument Repair Service

Micro Ophthalmic Instrument Repair

Ambler Surgical's highly skilled repair technicians specialize in Micro / Ophthalmic instrument repair.
We repair, sharpen and refurbish any brand of stainless steel and titanium instruments.
Ask about our rapid-return complete set refurbishment.

Forceps - Realign, Adjust, Refurbish
Tying/Suturing/Capsulorhexis   $30.00
Castroviejo Suturing, Replace Teeth $75.00
Jeweler's/Tissue/Dressing   $10.00
IOL - Inserters/Folders   $40.00
Bipolar, Repot, Test   $85.00
Scissors - Sharpen, Adjust, Refurbish
Vannas/Westcott/Corneal - Spring Handle $30.00
Iris/Tenotomy/Strabismus - Ring Handle $10.00
Needle Holders - Realign, Adjust, Refurbish
Castroviejo/Barraquer   $30.00
Castroviejo/Barraquer, Replace Parts $60.00
Webster/Halsey/Mayo   $15.00
Webster/Halsey/Mayo, Replace TC Inserts $32.00
Others - Repair, Realign, Refurbish
Manipulators/Rotators/Choppers   $15.00
LRI, Toric, O-Z Markers   $15.00
Castroviejo Caliper   $15.00
Lieberman Wire Lid Retractor   $12.50
Lieberman Wire Lid Retractor, Laser-weld Parts $30.00
I/A Tips, Remove Occlusion   $60.00