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Rigid Endoscope

Rigid Endoscope


Rigid Endoscope Repair Service

Rigid Endoscope Repair

A cost-effective alternative to replacing your damaged scopes, let us bring them back
to like-new condition in just a few days at a fraction of the cost of a new scope.

Brands of scopes that we service include:
ACMI*, Dyonics*, Linvatec*, Medtronic/Xomed*, Olympus*, Richards*, Storz*, Stryker*, Wolf*

Repairs will be quoted within 24 hours of receipt of your scope.
Most repairs are completed within 48 hours of approval.

Our technicians are trained in the most up to date repair technologies.

All repairs are completed within the requirements of the ISO quality control system.

All repaired components come with a 90 day warranty covering parts and labor.

All scopes received by Ambler Surgical will undergo the following steps:

  • A complete diagnostic assessment and evaluation
  • Report of initial resolution and light transmission
  • Replacement of any or all damaged rod lenses
  • Replacement of objective lens if necessary
  • Replacement of fiberoptics if necessary
  • Replacement of all damaged optical spacers
  • Realignment of optical tube assembly
  • Resealing of optical tube assembly due to leakage
  • Complete cleaning and vacuuming of inner assembly
  • Final assembly is completed in a “clean room” environment

We are committed to providing the highest quality, low-cost repair solutions to our customers,
and strive to make the process fast and convenient.

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Ambler Surgical has no affiliation whatsoever with the companies, nor do we distribute their products.